Vollmer’s VGrind 360E Overcomes Bearing Problems with Vertical Spindle Alignment

Westec 2019: Vollmer’s VGrind 360E has two vertically configured grinding spindles.


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Vollmer’s VGrind 360E five-axis CNC grinding machine has two vertically configured grinding spindles. It is designed with short linear-axis travel distances and swivel ranges for increased efficiency and precision in production. The two grinding spindles are situated one above the other, with a grinding wheel set positioned in the X-axis pivot point. The VGrind’s polymer concrete walls increase rigidity.

The VGrind’s vertical spindle arrangement is said to solve problems related to fixed and floating bearings. Both grinding spindles can be fitted with various tools. Its motor and spindle cooling concept is said to provide higher thermal stability and lasting power and precision.


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