Waldrich Coburg's Gemini Features Wear-Free Hydrostatic Guides for Accuracy

EMO 2019: Waldrich Coburg’s Gemini is a high-rail gantry system designed to be used in the die and mold industries.


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Waldrich Coburg’s Gemini high-rail gantry mill is designed to be used in the die and mold industries. The machine combines roughing at full power with finishing at high speeds while maintaining accuracy via wear-free hydrostatic guides. The gantry’s design allows for high acceleration and deceleration rates while machining and takes up less floor space than moving-table designs. The company describes its stiff, vibration-damping hydrostatic guidance system as “frictionless motion on oil.”

The machine provides up to 63 kW of power, 1,500 Nm of torque and dynamic machining at 20,000 rpm.


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