Walter USA's Accure-tec A3000 Boring Bar Features Vibration Damping

Walter USA’s Accure-tec A3000, with its vibration damping system, is designed to excel beyond 6 × Dc.


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Accure-tec A3000 boring bar from Walter USA

Walter USA’s Accure-tec A3000 features a vibration damping system that enables it to excel at length/diameter ratios beyond 6 x Dc. The tool is available in lengths of 6, 8, and 10 × Dc; boring bar diameters of 1.25", 1.50" and 2.00" (32, 40 and 50 mm); and  Capto C6, C8 and HSK100T connections. Additional sizes and lengths are available on request. The boring bars feature QuadFit quick-change exchangeable heads. The tool is available with both negative and positive inserts.

Internal coolant delivery for optimum chip removal improves surface finish and enables counterboring and internal profiling of parts in industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and general metalworking. 

The Accure-tec A3000’s anti-vibration feature is preset at the factory for faster implementation. As such, the company says that users will not have to spend much time fine-tuning the damping function. 


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