Walter USA's WMP45G Grade Is Designed for Cutting Turbine Blades


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Walter USA has expanded its Tiger-tec Gold line of indexable inserts with the WMP45G grade made specifically to handle the challenges of turbine blade machining. The grade is available in round indexable inserts for the F2334R copy milling cutter for face milling and copy milling of martensitic and austenitic stainless steels. There are three different geometries of the WMP45G—D57, D67 and F67—to suit the stability of various machines, clamping arrangements and workpiece geometries.

The Tiger-tec Gold line’s combination of a heat-resistant substrate with a TiAIN coating layer boosts tool life, increases productivity and provides greater process reliability, according to the company.

Walter USA recommends using the WMP45G when cutting parameters are critical and long tool life is needed. The turbine blade grade is especially beneficial for users who work with high volumes and require high machine output, the company adds.

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