Wedge Clamps Enable Ganging of Workpieces


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Fixtureworks has added Vise Force wedge clamps from Paws Workholding to its extensive lineup of manual clamps and workholding products. These wedge clamps are designed to provide a fast and flexible workholding solution ideal for clamping multiple workpieces. The clamps are fastened with one bolt for quick setup and part change. These universal fixturing clamps can be used to hold a variety of materials including steel, brass, aluminum, plastic and more.

The Vise Force wedge clamps are designed to fit between two workpieces so that parts can be ganged together for machining. They thrust the workpiece against a stop to prevent movement on the fastening base. They provide high clamping pressure and taking up little space on the fastening base, according to the company.

The innovative internal return spring prevents chip buildup and allows for a closer placement of multiple clamps. The low-profile dovetail design improves your machining process by reducing movement, vibration and chatter.

The Vise Force wedge clamps are available in 1.0", 1.5", and 2" jaw widths and with smooth, serrated, and machinable clamping surfaces. The clamps are tightened with one 5/16-18 SHCS. Machinable jaws are soft and oversized for custom machining the jaws to users’ application.


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