Wire EDM Delivers Surface Finishes to 0.1 Micron Ra

ONA’s AV wire EDM is equipped with a generator that can deliver surface finishes to the order of 0.1 micron Ra.


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ONA’s AV wire EDM is equipped with a generator that can deliver surface finishes to the order of 0.1 micron Ra. The machine is available in two models: the AV25 with X, Y and Z travels measuring 400 × 300 × 250 mm; and the AV35 with X, Y and Z travels measuring 600 × 400 × 400 mm. Both models have U-V travels measuring 120 × 120 mm.

The machine incorporates new corner and profile control systems, linear glass scales of 0.1 micron and a crash protection system able to detect impacts of just 0.8 kg (8 N). An advanced energy management system cuts power consumption by as much as 30 percent during the EDM process and reduces wire consumption thanks to Ecocut technology. The automatic threader design can handle fine wires ranging to 0.0003" in diameter.

The wire EDM includes a new controller that accommodates advanced programming while offering a simple, user-friendly interface. The CNC enables control of as many as eight axes simultaneously and incorporates CAD/CAM capabilities. The CNC is Linux-based with an open architecture easing integration with robotics, third-party CAD/CAM job and management software.

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