IMTS Exhibitor Workshops Benefit Attendees


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The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), which runs September 13-18, 2010, is important because manufacturing is important. It’s important to our economy, our standard of living and our culture. IMTS affirms all of this. At this moment, however, the show must also assert these facts energetically because the importance of manufacturing seems overlooked or misunderstood by society and government.

This sense of urgency was clearly evident when I attended an IMTS exhibitors’ workshop at the beginning of March. AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology (the organization that sponsors IMTS) hosted a half dozen of these workshops around the country. The purpose is to help exhibitors get more out of the show, ultimately, by helping attendees get more out of the show. This boils down to prosaic matters such as preshow publicity, booth design, booth staff training and post-show lead follow-up. Plenty of good advice on these topics was offered at the workshop. Some highlights of the workshop are captured ina short slide show.
Yes, IMTS 2010 will have slightly fewer exhibitors than the 2008 show and perhaps fewer attendees, but it promises to be a more concentrated, more intense event. Now is the time to register for the show and make housing/travel plans. Do so at imts.com.