Carpenter Technology Corporation

1735 Market Street
15th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103 US

800-654-6543 | 610-208-2000


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Free Android App Estimates Metals Weight and Cost

Carpenter Technology Corp.'s MetalMass calculator is now available in an Android version that can be downloaded at no cost.

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Trade Names offered by Carpenter Technology Corporation

  • 302HQ-FM stainless
  • ACUBE 100 alloy
  • AerMet alloys
  • BioDur alloys
  • Carpenter CTS blade alloys
  • Carpenter SCF 260 alloy
  • Chrome Core stainless
  • Custom 465 stainless
  • Micro-Melt P/M alloys
  • PremoMet alloy
  • Project 70+ PDB machining bar
  • Project 70+ stainless
  • Pyromet alloys
  • Temper Tough alloy
  • Titanium ULTRABAR