Fives Landis Corp. - CITCO Tool Products

7605 Discovery Lane
Concord Twp, OH 44077 US

800-242-7366 | 440-709-0700


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CITCO Tools Relocates

CITCO Tools, a manufacturer of custom engineered cutting tools, has moved to a new facility in Concord Twp., Ohio.   The facility combines 13,290 square feet of office space and 35,510 square feet of manufacturing space, both of which are temperature controlled with positive interior air pressure.

Trade Names offered by Fives Landis Corp. - CITCO Tool Products

  • CITCO CiBN (PcBN cutting tools)
  • CITCO CiBN HT Series
  • CITCO CiBN K Series
  • CITCO CiBN PM Series
  • CITCO CiCD (CVD diamond)
  • CITCO CiDM (PCD cutting tools)
  • CITCO CiMD Series
  • CITCO Turnable Single Point
  • Peerless Modular Dressing Tools
  • TruGARD Double Disc Dressing System
  • XL-2000 Dressing System
  • XL-2010 Dressing System