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Company City, State
Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. Fond du Lac, WI
Almco Inc. Albert Lea, MN
Arbortech Corporation Johnsburg, IL
Automated Inventory Solutions, Inc. Kearneysville, WV
» Bel Air Finishing Supply North Kingstown, RI
» CECOR Belleville, WI
Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC Cincinnati, OH Fond Du Lac, WI
» Clemco Industries Corp. Washington, MO
Cool Clean Technologies, LLC Eagan, MN
Creative Automation, Inc. Whitmore Lake, MI
Crystal Mark, Inc. Glendale, CA
Extrude Hone LLC Irwin, PA
Firbimatic spA Sala Bolognese, Italy
German Machine Tools of America Ann Arbor, MI
Giant Finishing, Inc. Addison, IL
Hammond Machinery, Inc. Kalamazoo, MI
Hangsterfer's Laboratories, Incorporated Mantua, NJ
Innovative Products of America Incorporated Woodstock, NY
Jensen Fabricating Engineers, Inc. Berlin, CT
Kyzen Corporation Nashville, TN
Metallform Wachter GmbH Bretten, Germany
Miele Princeton, NJ
MiJET Division of Custom Service Solutions, Inc. Brockport, NY
Nilfisk, Inc. Morgantown, PA
PCS Company Fraser, MI
Proceco Ltd. Montreal, QC Canada
Renegade Parts Washers and Detergents Reedsburg, WI
Serec Corporation North Kingstown, RI
PW Stoelting, L.L.C. Kiel, WI
Sunnen Products Company Saint Louis, MO
Techniks, Inc. Indianapolis, IN
» Tornos Technologies U.S. Corporation Lombard, IL
UltraSonic LLC Cincinnati, OH
Yamazen Inc. Schaumburg, IL