Turning Tools

Live Lathe Tools For ID Machining

Eltool’s live tool modules combined with the company’s right angle heads are designed for internal machining of bores ranging to l" in diameter. Secondary ID milling, drilling, slotting and grooving operations can be integrated into turning operations to increase throughput, reduce handling and improve accuracy.

Turning Tools

CoroCut Program Grooving Line Expands

Sandvik Coromant’s expanded CoroCut program features larger insert seat sizes for wider grooves and a dedicated grade to enable higher performance in demanding parting and grooving operations. The M- and R-size inserts and holders increase the range of the parting and grooving program to cover from 0.

Turning Tools

Capto Modular Tooling Catalog

BIG Kaiser’s 44-page, full-color catalog details the complete line of BIG Coromant Capto C5/C6/C8 turning and rotating tooling. The expanded Capto product line includes Mega Micro and shrink-fit holders; extended gage lengths for the Mega N and Mega E series; and more than 500 rotating and turning tools that are available from stock.

Wipe Away Rough Surfaces

Not only do wiper inserts accomplish smooth surfaces—and if the material allows, they will eliminate a grinding operation—but these additional radii are also designed to double the feed rates of roughing and semi-finishing operations while achieving the specified surface finishes.  

Turning Tools

Dovetail Grooving Inserts

Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, has expanded its Groove ‘N Turn line to include dovetail grooving inserts. Dovetail grooving inserts are used to machine O-ring dovetail grooves with 66-degree undercut angles.

Turning Tools

Part-Off Gang Tooling

Arno-Rouse has incorporated existing cut-off support blades into a gang tooling concept. Designed for screw machines, the tooling features 0.

Turning Tools

Video: Form Tools On CNC Lathes

Form tools are traditionally associated with non-CNC machines, but in certain applications they make sense on modern machines as well.

Turning Machines

See The Tool's Value Instead Of Its Cost

This company is embracing high-performance tooling on its turning centers. The "sticker shock" is no reason not to do this. In one case, though, the shop found a way to limit the cost of the tool and increase productivity at the same time.

Turning Tools

Grades Improve Titanium Turning Productivity

Kennametal’s Beyond line of high-performance turning products includes 11 additional grades for improved productivity in steel, stainless steels and cast iron applications. The latest grade, KCS10, is a medium positive (MP) geometry with the capability of improved titanium designed to improve surface finish while extending tool life.

Double-Sided Turning Inserts

The Utilis Multidec 3000 series double-sided turning inserts are said to provide long life and repeatability to 0. 0004" for cutoff, front and back turn, groove and turn and threading work. The holder features a recessed pocket for precise locating, increased insert rigidity and absorbed cutting forces, making the series especially useful for a range of tough applications, the company says.