Additive Manufacturing Pavilion Triples in Size!

IMTS 2018 visitors will encounter more Additive Manufacturing exhibitors than ever before at the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion.


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Visitors to IMTS 2018, compared to IMTS 2016, will encounter close to triple the number of exhibitors in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Pavilion. The AM Pavilion now boasts 56 exhibitors, up from 21 two years ago, plus several exhibitors in other pavilions who will showcase additive-related technology.

What does this increase mean for machine shops?
It’s a great opportunity to learn! Visitors will:

  • Have access to perhaps the largest gathering of experts, from engineers to service techs, who know the technology, equipment, and materials.
  • Have one-on-one conversations to share facility-specific needs.
  • Have the chance to compare 3D systems (all in one place).
  • Discover the options to integrate AM with existing assembly or for new product development.
  • Explore multiple materials and colors, build platforms, output quality, and customer service.

Where should visitors start?
The Additive Manufacturing Pavilion is located on Level 3 of the West Building. At the center of the entrance is the premier AMT’s Emerging Technology Center (ETC) focused on AM.

One of the two ETC's, this one offers visitors an AM overview and demonstrations of the newest breakthroughs in materials, speeds and technologies as recently developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), public-private collaborations and exhibiting additive manufacturers. Read more about the AMT ETC's.

Not Just in the AM Pavilion
Additive-related technology will be located in other pavilions. For example, Methods 3D is exhibiting within the Methods Machine Tools exhibit in the Metal Cutting Pavilion located in the South Building (booth 339119). Additive-specific software can be found in the Controls & CAD-CAM Pavilion in the East Building—here, Autodesk (booth 133222) will feature manufacturing software that helps manufacturers machine, print, inspect and fabricate better quality parts.

How Can AM Help Manufacturers?
AM could help manufacturers provide additional resources to manage special requests from customers, respond faster by eliminating the need to produce tooling and do so without disrupting primary production capacity. In fact, many believe that today’s fastest growing segment for AM, both polymer-based and metal-based, is for creating jigs, fixtures and other job aids that reduce cost and time-to-market.

AM Events at IMTS 2018

To find out more about the technologies to be showcased at IMTS 2018:

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