Is This Mold Making Money?

The May 2018 digital edition of Modern Machine Shop covers topics such as the booming manufacturing industry, shop management and machinist health.


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In just five years since Don Dumoulin purchased Precise Tooling Solutions, the company has purchased a five-axis machine that has opened new contract-job opportunities, and its production mix is now more varied due to extra capacity. Revenue lost to scrap and rework dropped from $225,000 in 2014 to $40,000 last year.

While Mr. Dumoulin admits that the transition has not always been comfortable, he was able to accomplish these feats without changing the fundamentals of how machining has been done at the company for the past four decades. What has changed is the company’s approach to strategic decision-making. To gather information for these decisions, Mr. Dumoulin invested in the E2 Shop System enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from Shoptech Software. Read more from the May issue cover story.

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