Emily Probst Senior Editor

Emily Probst is a senior editor for Modern Machine Shop (MMS), writing for the brand’s print and digital audience. Recent topic coverage includes women in manufacturing, twin-spindle technology promoted at an industry open house event and machine shop maintenance.

Emily joined the Modern Machine Shop staff in the summer of 2006 as the editorial intern editing product releases for the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). Hired full-time in 2007 after graduating with a B.S.J. from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, she edited product releases and columns until 2012, when she moved to editing case studies. In 2016, she became Modern Machine Shop's managing editor, shepherding the production of the monthly print magazine, which is sent to 95,000+ subscribers. In this role, she also managed MMS’s blog as well as its LinkedInFacebookTwitter and YouTube accounts.

In 2020, she became a senior editor, writing feature stories and original case studies for both print and online media channels. She also creates video content, offering behind-the-scenes expertise about how to submit a press release, as well as technical commentary and interviews on topics such as practical approaches to automation.

In these editorial roles, she has been fortunate enough to travel to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and across the United States visiting machine shops and OEMs while attending trade shows and other manufacturing industry events. 

Shop Management Software

ERP Becomes a Communication Tool

By: Emily Probst

Enterprise resource planning software modules provide at-a-glance understanding of job priority and location between departments as pandemic restrictions disrupted collaborative working environments.


How Advanced Grinding Technology Leverages Capabilities Beyond Grinding

By: Emily Probst

United Grinding shows how rethinking traditional grinding technology and combining manufacturing processes can extend the role of grinding and make grinding machines more productive.


An Introduction to Superfinishing

By: Emily Probst

Learn what superfinishing is, what applications it should be used for and why you should take care when specifying surface finish parameters.


Shifting from On-Machine to Offline Programming

By: Emily Probst

In the midst of learning to program its CNC milling machines offline and the promise of using that experience to transfer more work to its Swiss-type lathe, an Ohio job shop is changing its company culture and taking on more complex work.


Job Shop Automates Using Cobot Arm

By: Emily Probst

Loading and unloading a repetitive job was straining employees at B.I.C. Precision Machine, so the shop integrated a cobot arm from Absolute Machine Tools into its production process.

IMTS Spark: MMS Editors Choose Favorite Article of 2020

By: Emily Probst

The editors of Modern Machine Shop share observations of reporting on metalworking facilities and their conversations with metalworking leaders.

Support Manufacturing with Your End-of-the-Year Contributions

By: Emily Probst

The American Precision Museum is designing new, engaging exhibits available to all ages and accessible in person and on digital platforms. Be part of preserving industrial history.


Practical Approaches to Automation

By: Emily Probst

Automation isn't just useful for large volumes of the same part. Today, it is increasingly being used in machine shops for high-mix, low-volume jobs.


Workholding Considerations for Five-Axis Machining

By: Emily Probst

Five-axis workholding isn’t just about applying technology; it’s also about applying a different mindset.


Use Your Machinists to Make Dies

By: Emily Probst

By systemizing die making into repeatable steps, Dies Plus, a division of Otto Engineering, is using its machinists to effectively make dies. This solution relies on a paperless color-coding system to convey the tolerances machinists need to hit in order for tool and die makers to do the final fitting.


Modern Machine Shop Talks Die Machining, Moldmaking and Leadtime Leaders

By: Emily Probst

Emily Probst, senior editor of Modern Machine Shop magazine talks with Christina Fuges, executive director of MoldMaking Technology magazine, about 2020 Leadtime Leader Award winner Precise Tooling Solutions and the lessons this moldmaker can teach CNC machine shops.


Aerospace Machine Shop Uses Past Prototype for Quick Ventilator Part Turnaround

By: Emily Probst

Win-Tech Inc. is one of the many manufacturing facilities shifting focus to fulfill urgent medical needs during the coronavirus pandemic.