Modern Machine Shop Featured on “Making Chips” Podcast

The show’s recent conversation with MMS Editor Peter Zelinski is one of 50 episodes posted by the metalworking podcast in its first year.


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I had the pleasure recently of sitting for an interview with Jim Carr and Jason Zenger, hosts of the “Making Chips” podcast. Our conversation appears in episode 49 of this show.

Actually, we did multiple interviews. We also taped a second conversation that will appear in a later episode.

Making Chips is, I believe, the only podcast devoted to metalworking. Both of the hosts of the show are in this business, Mr. Carr as a shop owner and Mr. Zenger as the owner of an industrial supply company selling tooling. Together they launched the podcast back in January, and they’ve remained committed to regularly posting episodes, most of them featuring interviewee guests. The show recently posted its 50th episode—no small accomplishment.

As with a typical podcast, all the show’s episodes can be heard through apps from the likes of iTunes and Stitcher. Episodes are also all available as free downloads on the show’s website.

In the posted episode including me, we focused on characteristics of metalworking business leaders. If I am correctly remembering the gist of our conversation after this, the future episode will focus largely on additive manufacturing.

Let me know if you’re listening? That is, let me know if you are someone who received the episode before you read about it here, because you are a subscriber to the show. In my experience with podcasts, people either are not engaged with this medium or they love it, with few occupying positions in between. I am in the latter category—I listen to podcasts all the time. Part of the pleasure of the "Making Chips" appearance was therefore the simple fun of seeing an episode produced from the inside. In fact, if you have recommendations for other podcasts I should consider following, I’d be interested in that as well.