New U.S. “CMO” Speaks at imX

Didn’t know the United States had a Chief Manufacturing Officer? He’s Michael Molnar, a former Cummins manufacturing exec. Appointed to this new post by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in July, he will make his first public address as CMO at imX on September 12.


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Michael Molnar photo provided by NIST.
Michael F. Molnar took office as the first-ever Chief Manufacturing Officer (CMO) at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on August 29, 2011. He will make his first public address as CMO at the inaugural imX industry summit on September 12, 2011. Molnar will share information about how individual manufacturers can participate in and benefit from the new national Advanced Manufacturing Partnership launched recently by the Obama administration.
According to NIST, the new CMO position will leverage NIST’s strong relationships with industry to accelerate innovation that will create 21st-century manufacturing jobs and enhance our global competitiveness. As part of this effort, the position will support the broader Advanced Manufacturing Partnership recently launched by President Obama that brings industry, universities and the federal government together to invest in emerging technologies.
As CMO, Molnar will be responsible for planning and coordinating NIST’s manufacturing research and services programs. He will serve as the organization’s central point of contact with the White House, the Department of Commerce and other agencies on technical and policy issues related to manufacturing. Molnar has extensive industrial experience, with leadership roles in manufacturing technology, advanced manufacturing engineering, metrology and quality systems.
imX seems the appropriate venue for Molnar’s address. “A healthy domestic manufacturing industry is vital to our nation’s economic recovery,” said Peter Borden, president of imX partner the American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association. “Our leaders in Washington know it, and the industry knows it. At imX, we’re coming together to determine how to work collaboratively to strengthen a manufacturing base that will continue creating jobs for American workers and provide a solid foundation for sustained economic growth.”

Manufacturing executives can apply to be an eXecutive Guest at the Sept. 12-14 invitation-only imX event.