Mark Albert Editor Emeritus, Modern Machine Shop

Mark Albert is editor emeritus of Modern Machine Shop Magazine. Mark has written about metalworking for more than 35 years. Currently, his favorite topics are data-driven manufacturing and global competitiveness. Mark’s editorial activities have taken him to numerous countries in Europe and Asia as well as across the United States many times. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio) and Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana).

The Case for Automatic Door Operation

By: Mark Albert

Automatic door systems for stand-alone machine tools require periodic inspection and maintenance, but excel in environments with automation capability or frequent door use.

Turning Tools

Shifting Toward Preparedness and Flexibility with Turning Tool for Steel

By: Mark Albert

The pandemic has taught manufacturers to reevaluate their preparedness for unexpected and drastic market disruptions. A practical example from a cutting tool manufacturer may show the way.

Shop Management Software

Let’s Finish Closing the Quoting Gap

By: Mark Albert

Sharing accurate, timely and actionable data is the key to an effective, respectful relationship between a machining job shop and the subcontracting finishing shop. Software that streamlines the quoting process can make this happen.

Vertical Machining Centers

Mazak Takes Entry-Level Machine Tools to New Heights

By: Mark Albert

A new machine series aims to address the immediate and longer term requirements of job shops by lowering cost barriers to acquiring manufacturing technology without foregoing capability or compromising performance.


Monitoring the State of Tool Monitoring

By: Mark Albert

Digital technology that enables tool changes to be triggered by data-driven predictions of tool wear rather than part counts also is opening the door to other opportunities for optimizing production. A look at in-the-field applications shows that advanced tool monitoring is a step toward plant-wide digitalization.

Bold, Insightful Leadership Defines Manufacturer’s “DNA”

By: Mark Albert

At its core, this highly successful contract manufacturer is a tool and die shop. Its founder, who has the heart and soul (and mind) of a tool maker, imbued his company with the values and the versatility of a tool room. This is his lasting legacy.


Online Store for EDM Wire Gives Small Shops A Boost

By: Mark Albert

Online ordering of a small number of EDM wire in spools encourages small shops to use premium wire types for faster cuts, better results and overall lower cost.

Keeping Good Habits Takes Constant Attention

By: Mark Albert

Living a culture of continuous improvement, relying on data and maintaining a strong machine lineup help this valve manufacturer stay fit.


Team Thinking Helps Donson Machine with Nickel Alloy Ventilator Part Production

By: Mark Albert

This shop has taken unusual steps to draw on its strengths as a well-equipped machining facility with a skilled workforce to match.
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Ruby the Riveter and a Reminder for the Times

By: Mark Albert

During WWII, Ruby Shuman helped repair bombers. Her memories have a lesson for a country facing a crisis today.

Coping with the Coronavirus — One Shop Manager’s Thinking

By: Mark Albert

This president of a machining job shop is preparing for the situation to last and focusing on communication and a positive environment for employees.

The Coronavirus: Tips to Keep Manufacturing Employees Safe

By: Mark Albert

To minimize interaction, reschedule the work day to place a buffer between shifts.