Penn State Prof. Timothy Simpson Joins MMS as New Additive Manufacturing Columnist

A monthly column will focus on concepts particular to AM, exploring the ways that this method of making parts is distinct from conventional processes.


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Modern Machine Shop magazine has a sister publication devoted to—and named—Additive Manufacturing. So why add a new, monthly columnist on additive manufacturing to MMS?

Answer: Because we feel that every issue of MMS ought to give at least some attention to the emerging technologies likely to affect readers soon. That is why we launched a regular column on data-driven manufacturing, and that is why Timothy Simpson, Ph.D., has now joined us as a regular columnist in MMS.

Dr. Simpson is a Professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at Penn State University. Among his various roles in that position is this: He is a co-director of “CIMP-3D,” Penn State’s Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition, a facility with various additive manufacturing capabilities (metal and polymer, powder bed and direct deposition) that helps manufacturers explore and adopt AM.

The aim and voice of his column will be somewhat different from those of AM magazine. That publication writes for an audience that is using or actively exploring AM. In MMS, Dr. Simpson will frequently describe concepts important to additive (some of them fundamental) that the reader who is curious about this technology would be interested to know.

From the April issue, read the debut installment of Dr. Simpson’s column. If you want more and don’t care to wait, read a sneak preview of the upcoming installment that will appear in May.

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