Reshoring News: May 2019

A U.S. manufacturer is recognized for its reshoring efforts, why China might have an impact on U.S./Mexico relations, and more reshoring news.


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The Reshoring Initiative tracks news related to the return of manufacturing jobs to the United States. Here are recent news items the Reshoring Initiative has shared:

Sherrill Manufacturing (Sherrill, New York) has received the 2019 National Metalworking Reshoring Award. The award, given by the Reshoring Initiative, the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology and the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA), honors companies for effectively reshoring products, parts or tooling made primarily by metalforming, fabricating, casting or machining (including additive manufacturing).

Sherrill Manufacturing was chosen as the award winner this year because, according to the Reshoring Initiative, its success demonstrates that it is feasible to reshore whole product categories, including everyday products such as dining flatware. When Oneida Ltd. ceased operations a few years ago, U.S. flatware production became offshored, primarily to Asia. Sherrill Manufacturing took over the Oneida flatware factory, launched its own products under the Liberty Tabletop brand and found a more efficient way to market those products. Sherrill is now growing consistently. Read More.

Here is some other reshoring news:

  • United States/Mexico partnership? Mexico and the United States should team up to reshore and nearshore work flowing out of China in response to rising wages and U.S. tariffs, especially because Mexico’s exports to the U.S. include 40% U.S. content. The impact of Mexico’s cartels on the safety of operations and employees requires attention.
  • Consider The Silver Lining in the U.S. Manufacturing Slowdown: The predicted slowdown may offer many companies and industries vital time to accommodate upcoming trends such as additive manufacturing. "In an additive-based economy, Americans will produce most of their goods domestically."

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