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Users of Swiss-type lathes might find this part-collecting device helpful for lights-out machining.


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Royal Products will be exhibiting new technology at IMTS 2020 in Chicago this September.

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I’ve seen Rota-Rack parts collectors like the one shown above on a few recent shop visits. In fact, I saw that one during a visit to KitchenAid for this story about Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Royal Products makes these devices, and I describe them here. But the company has recently developed a smaller version it calls the Econo-Rack (shown below). The Econo-Rack is offered as an alternative to its big brother for shops that want to run lights-out, but don’t need the payload capacity of the larger unit. So they’re well-suited for parts machined on Swiss-type lathes. The turntable on the smaller unit spins at a constant 1 rpm, collecting parts as they are delivered out of a lathe. An adjustable deflector moves parts to the center of the turntable. 




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