Know How Much Quality is Costing You

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In a way, quality is less valuable than you think. It’s also more expensive than you think.

In a way, quality is less valuable than you think. It’s also more expensive than you think. These were some of the points that came out of this recent Webinar presented by David Lechleitner of Exact JobBoss.
Why less valuable? Because quality is no longer a differentiator. Today, practically every contract manufacturer either has, or claims to have, a rigorous quality program.
Why more expensive? Because many manufacturers price their quality efforts in terms of costs related to scrap and rework. That’s not enough. The cost of quality actually includes everything the shop does to try to avoid nonconformity. For many manufacturers, this includes an investment prior to manufacturing for steps such as new product review and quality planning.

Exact JobBoss’s Webinar is about marshaling a shop’s quality efforts within a comprehensive, consistent and cost-effective Total Quality Management program. Watch the recorded version here


  • Sharing The Big Picture

    The theme of visibility in manufacturing finds expression in numerous ways at this shop. One of the most conspicuous is the use of plasma displays in strategic areas to summarize the company’s performance as reported by its shop control/data-collection system.

  • Integrated Tool Management

    Bridging the gap between process engineering and shop floor activities can bring about a "deproliferation" of cutting tools.

  • The ABCs Of Activities Based Costing

    A lot of job shops still use a flat shop rate when costing, estimating or quoting. This job shop developed its own software following another approach that is almost as simple but more accurate.