Manufacturing News of Note: July 2018

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Successful tests of computer-aided manufacturing with barrel-nose cutters, Siemens PLM switches to new distribution regime for NX software and other industry news. 


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ModuleWorks has successfully tested its latest calculation strategies for rotary and geodesic machining using a barrel mill finishing tool. The trial was conducted at the Hommel and Okuma Technology Center in Langenau, Germany, on an Okuma Multus-B200W multitasking CNC machine. The selected workpiece was a spiral mandrel distributor, which presented a realistic challenge for multi-axis milling algorithms.

The trial focused on testing barrel mill machining strategies for pre-finishing the walls of workpieces. According to the company, the barrel shape of the selected finishing tool generated small cusps and delivered a quality surface finish. It used large stepovers that accelerated the machining process. A taper barrel tool further improved performance by using the large barrel section to machine the workpiece walls and the tool tip to machine the inner corners. Read more.

Here is more news to note:


  • The Costs and Benefits of Horizontal Machining

    The shift from vertical to horizontal machining was even more expensive than this shop anticipated. It was also more valuable. Most of the shop’s machining centers are HMCs now—here’s why.

  • Understanding Post Processors

    What is a post processor? A software engineer from CNC Software, makers of Mastercam programming software, explains the different types of CNC post processors, the different types of post processor users and the different levels of functionality in post processors.

  • Understanding NURBS Interpolation

    The right way to program curves? A solution to yesterday's problems? The truth is probably somewhere in between.