Radio Flyer - Bringing Joy to Kids with the Help of 3D

Remember the bright red Radio Flyer wagon you had as a kid?


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Remember the bright red Radio Flyer wagon you had as a kid? The company’s mission was to “bring joy to every boy and every girl.” Today Radio Flyer still makes fun children’s toys with choices of wagons, scooters, trikes and ride-ons designed with new technologies like 3D printing.

In this Webinar, Tom Schlegel, vice president of product development for Radio Flyer, will discuss how his team leverages rapid prototyping to bring better products to market faster. Tom will also discuss the benefits Radio Flyer experienced by bringing the technology in-house versus outsourcing for 3D models. Tom will be joined by Neil Ranney, manager of products and applications from Objet, who will detail some of the application uses and techniques commonly used by product development teams utilizing 3D printer technology.

Register here for the Webinar, which will be co-presented by Moldmaking Technology, Modern Machine Shop and Time Compression on Thursday, October 28 from 1 – 2 p.m. EDT.

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