Reasons to Consider Custom Workholding

“There isn’t a shop that can say they’ve never had a problem gripping a part.” This is a quote from an introductory piece that describes the capabilities of the Hardinge Workholding Division in engineering custom workholding solutions for those problem parts.


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According to Hardinge, its team of workholding engineers represents more than 300 years of combined experience. 

Hardinge Workholding Division is known for its line of standard workholding products such as collets, feed fingers and pads. However a significant percentage of its products are custom manufactured for a specific application. An introductory piece on the division’s capabilities includes this list of reasons for considering custom workholding solutions:

-Increase precision and accuracy.


-Increase production.  


-Minimize expensive, bulky fixturing.


-Add flexibility to the machine.


-Solve problems such as crushing and distortion of delicate materials and thin walls; gripping on a thread; over-the-shoulder gripping of screws; and slipping during off-center machining and other heavy cutting forces.


-Save money by using a custom-designed gripping device.


-Integrate automation.


-Reduce the workload of your own engineering staff.



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