Saving Energy with Cutting Tools

To help its customers in Japan cope with electricity shortages resulting from the recent earthquake and tsunami, Sandvik Coromant developed a program to reduce machine tool power consumption with the use of advanced cutting tool technology. The three-pronged approach can apply to any company interested in sustainable manufacturing.


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The disastrous earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 focused the world’s attention not only on the human suffering that resulted, but also on the importance of a resilient industrial infrastructure. As heroic relief efforts commenced, the country’s manufacturing companies strove to maintain their productivity, often in the face of great difficulties. One of these was a shortage of electricity.
As part of its commitment to sustainable manufacturing, Sandvik Coromant has been concentrating on the power-saving potential of highly efficient cutting tools. In response to the disaster, the company organized this ongoing effort into a program that could help its customers in Japan more quickly take advantage of these energy-saving opportunities. This program is being expanded so it is available to customers worldwide.
The program, designed to help companies based in Japan reduce their power consumption by 15 percent, consists of three main prongs, as outlined in a recent Sandvik Coromant news release:
  • Example of electricity-saving cutting tools:
Using milling cutters such as the CoroMill 390 and CoroMill 490 can decrease electricity consumption by 20 percent compared to conventional positive 90-degree cutters.
  • Example of electricity-saving applications:
By applying high-pressure coolant to existing operations, companies can solve the problem of unmanageable chip curls, resulting in reduced non-productive machine downtime and less need for electricity.
  • Example of electricity saving by increasing productivity:
By applying Wiper inserts to existing tools, the time in cut is shortened by as much as 50 percent and the consumption of electricity is decreased, compared with using standard ISO inserts.

For more information about the program, contact your local Sandvik Coromant representative. 

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