Video: C-Axis Interpolation for Turning on a Machining Center

Controlling spindle revolution in time with the helical feed enables a single-point tool to “turn” the bore of this part.


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The tool in this video shot at Effort Foundry is not drilling, but actually turning. A feature of the Siemens CNC on this Fryer machining center controls spindle revolution in time with the helical interpolation in X-Y-Z to move a single-point boring tool around the bore ID. That feature saves significant time and cost for the Bath, Pennsylvania, foundry, because the part seen here needs a turned finish on the precision bore, not the finish that would be produced if helical milling achieved the hole. The control feature therefore avoids the need for a separate setup on another machine.

Effort Foundry recently added this machine and others as part of its new expansion into in-house machining.