When Manufacturing Industry Events Are Delayed

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Walter is moving to a digital product launch Wednesday at 10 a.m. CET (5 a.m. ET) in light of the coronavirus causing a significant delay for an in-person launch.

Walter unveils new technology

Walter Maschinenbau GmbH, a member of the United Grinding Group, is ready to unveil its new products despite the fact that GrindTec 2020, the international trade fair for grinding technology, has been postponed until November 10-13 in Augsburg, Germany. Instead of delaying the product launch, the company has found a way to promote its products now, though a digital product launch.

Visit the company’s website WEDNESDAY at 10 a.m. CET (5 a.m. ET) to see the presentation.

In November, the company still plans on being in Hall 2, Booth 2055 to present a complete range of precision machining products for grinding, eroding, laser and measurement technology. The company will also have more information about United Grinding Digital Solutions.


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