Automated Gauging for Process Control of Machining Operations

November 10, 2020

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equator gauge

This webinar will focus on the application of automated gauging systems for process control of machining operations. Dan will be joined by gauging expert, Robert Sand (former President of Nelson Precision and Mahr) as they walk through the process of specifying and commissioning gauging systems used on the shop floor to measure critical features. This provides control between operations, direct feedback to CNC machines, and overall visibility of the machining process.

This is part of Renishaw's FAME series which shares real world examples and provides practical guidance on how to achieve Flexible, Automated Machining Efficiency in your machining operations. Learn how to lower manpower requirements, achieve faster transition between projects and obtain higher overall profitability.

Primary Topics:

  • Gauging system configurations
  • Comparative versus absolute measurement
  • Process control versus final inspection
  • Types of automation obtainable



Dan Skulan

General Manager, Industrial Metrology; Renishaw, Inc.

Dan helps companies increase profitability through innovative problem-solving techniques that reduce scrap and improve equipment effectiveness in manufacturing environments. Dan holds degrees in Electronics Technology, Industrial Manufacturing and Marketing and has over 30 years practical experience with manufacturing process control as a user, integrator and supplier.


Robert Sand

Industrial Metrology Consultant; Sand Management, LLC

Robert is the Managing Member of Sand Management, LLC. He has been involved in the metrology field for over 40 years. He is now working with Renishaw, Inc. and their clients for the utilization and integration of Equator technologies in the manufacturing process. The Equator technology can emulate the historical gauging industry standards for process control and GD&T which has been used by the manufacturing industry well over the past 30 years.