How to Select the Right 3D Printing Material

April 07, 2020

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Selecting a 3D printing material to simulate a common thermoplastic, such as nylon or silicone, isn't always that easy or straightforward. You must think critically about the purpose of the part you want to print and its high-priority material requirements.

In this webinar, Formlabs will walk through five important material properties and give their recommendations on popular 3D printing materials to use based on your desired material or application.

Primary Topics:

  • Compare 3D printing material properties against ABS, PP, PC, PS, Nylon, Acetal, Ultem, silicone, etc.
  • Evaluate material properties like compliance, toughness, or heat deflection temperature
  • Learn one of the easiest and highest-quality ways to get metal parts from a polymer 3D printer
  • Learn what material to use for end-use consumer products, vacuum forming, or manufacturing jigs


Kathy Bui
Materials Product Manager, Formlabs
Kathy holds a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Materials Sciences and Engineering from MIT and an MBA from ESADE. Currently she manages the materials product portfolio at Formlabs. Previously she was a product manager, product development engineer lead and materials scientist at various MIT startups.

Faris Sheikh
3D Printing Specialist, Formlabs
Faris Sheikh, 3D printing specialist at Formlabs, has helped Formlabs run over 40 live broadcasts around the world to educate over 21,000 engineers, manufacturers, dentists, and jewelers on how to successfully incorporate Formlabs products into their day-to-day workflows. Previously, Sheikh most notably ran an online technology show on hardware and software products totaling over 2 million global views.