Emuge Opens New Technology Center, Providing Application Development, Training

The center will provide Test Cut, CNC Programming Assistance and Comprehensive Training services.

Emuge Corp. has opened a new technology center located at the company’s North American headquarters in West Boylston, Massachusetts. The center, designed to be a full-service resource for manufacturers to apply cutting tool application strategies, is equipped with the latest three- and five-axis vertical machining centers, precision measuring devices and tool monitoring in addition to an interactive classroom for training and seminars. The technology center will serve customers across the United States and Canada, enabling manufacturing professionals to test cut their applications and develop milling, drilling and threading strategies to optimize tool life and performance and reduce cycle times.

“Our new Technology Center was conceived as a resource for manufacturers to test new machining concepts and tools without tying up their valuable machines and manufacturing time,” says President Bob Hellinger. “Our tooling engineers work directly with customers to replicate actual machining processes and develop new tooling and application parameters with complete documentation.”

Three major services offered at the Emuge Corp. Technology Center include Test Cuts, CNC Programming Assistance and Comprehensive Training. For the Test Cuts Program, customers can provide sample parts and prints for evaluation by experienced Emuge tooling engineers. Once approved, test cuts are performed and documented, along with optimal recommended solutions and strategies.

For CNC Programming Assistance, Emuge programmers work closely with CAD/CAM providers such as Mastercam, Open Mind and others, to help the user generate maximum machining performance and incorporate optimal tool designs. Emuge will provide customers programing assistance, a range of CAM tools for solving complex applications, efficient toolpaths, subroutines and optimization.

Emuge also provides Training and Development in an interactive classroom supported by CNC machining equipment for hands-on, real-time training. Training and seminars will be offered throughout the year on various topics, and custom training can be provided to meet the needs of individual companies.

Emuge has also recently introduced complete tool reconditioning services at the West Boylston facility, which now also houses a tool grinding/manufacturing center for refurbishing Emuge tools.

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