Heidenhain, Open Mind Partner to Connect CAM Simulator, CNCs

Open Mind’s Connected Machining module will enable networked Heidenhain TNC controls to be run from remote locations.


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Open Mind Technologies has partnered with Heidenhain to provide first use of its NC code-based simulation solution Hypermill Virtual Machining with Heidenhain’s TNC controls.

Open Mind’s Connected Machining module enables networked controls to be run from remote locations, a key component for digital production systems. The simulation solution is available with the Hypermill 2018.1 release.

“Open Mind’s bidirectional virtual software will allow the user to start or stop the machine tool, review or override some settings, run simulations, synchronize the machine simulation to the actual machine position and modify the Heidenhain control from anywhere our software is networked,” says Alan Levine, Open Mind Managing Director, North America. “This promises to increase machining efficiency by optimizing machining productions, and reduces the chance of errors while connecting a CAM programming environment with the shop floor machining world.”

The shop-oriented Heidenhain TNC 640 control is for high speed cutting and five-axis machining on machines with as many as 18 axes. Guiding basic to advanced machining, it pairs with the virtual software by connecting with the company’s DNC software and TNC Remo SDK options. Three Hypermill system modules will improve communication between the CAM suite and the machine tools: the Center, Optimizer and Connected Machining modules.

“Heidenhain has a well-engineered control, and its programming interface was a perfect match with our system,” Mr. Levine says. “We are excited to begin implementation at some end users and help expand their virtual manufacturing networks.”

“We are happy to continue meeting customer’s needs with this advanced machining technology,” says Heidenhain TNC Business Development Manager Gisbert Ledvon. “This new functionality shows how our flexible TNC control is helping customers take the next step in digital manufacturing utilizing five-axis technology.”