Heule Tool Launches New Website

The site includes a case studies section and pages dedicated to specific industries with the goal of improving product education and purchasing decisions.


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Heule Tool Corp. has launched a new website at heuletool.com, which is intended to provide a more user-friendly experience with improved mobile-responsive navigation and functionality. The site is designed to give users access to more information for better product education and purchasing decisions.

The site includes technical data, videos and testimonials. A new section of case studies provides more detailed overviews of tool capabilities, and is categorized by industry, application, material and tool. Users can also browse case studies for information about the particular benefits of using automated tools for high-volume manufacturing in real customer situations.

The industry pages section is dedicated to providing specific information to customers in sectors including aerospace, automotive, energy, medical/small parts, construction/large parts and precision machining. Users can browse testimonials, case studies and tools used to solve challenges in their industries.

“Our goal is to continue to provide more ways for our customers and partners to learn about our tools and the ways they can be used to solve manufacturing challenges,” says President Gary Brown. “We’re excited to provide that opportunity through our website, to continue getting information out there that helps our customers stay at the forefront of manufacturing technology.”


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