4/10/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Mastercam Partners with NASA HUNCH Program

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The CAD/CAM software developer will provide licenses of its Mastercam program to participating high schools that focus on precision machining.


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CNC Software Inc., the developer of Mastercam, is partnering with NASA’s HUNCH program. HUNCH, which stands for High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware, is an effort to bring high school students educational experiences with NASA projects. CNC Software will be providing licenses of Mastercam to schools focused on precision machining.

HUNCH started 16 years ago with a handful of schools producing hardware training items for the International Space Station. It has grown to over 150 schools across the country and now includes design projects, projects sewing flight and training articles, and an astronaut culinary challenge. Over 20,000 students have participated, with 94 percent moving on to pursue undergraduate degrees.

“We are excited about the capability that Mastercam brings to our schools,” says Blake Ratcliff, NASA HUNCH program manager. “This partnership will benefit both students in their academic pursuits and NASA in the products that will be generated as a result.”

“CNC Software is proud to support HUNCH and its efforts to bring high school students new educational experiences with NASA projects,” says Peter Mancini, CNC Software education product owner. “We are glad to be a part of students fabricating real-world products for NASA as they apply their science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills, as well as learning to work in teams and think creatively.”


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