Niigata Opens North American Headquarters

The new Illinois facility will provide horizontal machining centers and parts, along with service, applications engineering and technical support.


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Niigata has opened North American headquarters for Niigata Machine Techno USA in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The company says the expansion reinforces its commitment to the U.S. market, which it entered in 1980.

The centrally located headquarters is intended to support North American manufacturing with a full line of horizontal machining centers and parts. The new facility also provides service, applications engineering and technical support.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Niigata Machine Techno in Niigata City, Japan, the U.S. location is the exclusive North American distributor of the company’s product line.

The range of models includes heavy-duty boxway, roller guide, and hybrid (boxway and roller guide) machines, with work envelopes reaching 1,600 mm. For versatile machining, the company also offers a line of facing centers and bar machines.

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