7/25/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Orderfox.com Launches Machinery Exchange Feature

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Orderfox.com’s Machinery Exchange feature enables members to research, advertise or buy CNC metal or woodworking machines from the free online platform.


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Orderfox.com has developed a free Machinery Exchange feature, in which members can research, advertise or buy available CNC metalcutting or woodworking machines directly. The company offers a free online platform where new production partners can be found and new industry contacts can be made.

The Intelligent Filter functions connect buyers with local or even international CNC manufacturers, enabling efficient placing and fulfilling of CNC orders within the platform. In addition, registered members can find the latest industry news and access the global trade show and event calendar. 

With the help of the Advanced Search and Intelligent Filter functions, registered members can quickly and easily find the right new or used machine from what is currently available. The Machinery Exchange section provides filter functions such as: main or sub-category, machine type, manufacturer, control, price, country and region. In the Used Machinery Exchange section of the platform, the filters include operating hours of the machine and the year of manufacture.

Members can also advertise their own machines within the new feature. The intuitive user interface makes it easier to advertise a machine, regardless of its age, brand or function. Sellers can also upload as many as eight photos within the advertised posting.

The company is building strategic partnerships with global machine manufacturers and used machine dealers and portals to ensure current offerings are available on an ongoing basis. In the near future, the company will also be offering access to local financing and transportation partners within the Machinery Exchange section, where members can contact those resources directly to speed up the procurement process.