Siemens Offers Free AM Network Services to Doctors and Hospitals



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conceptual photo of an AM part

In response to the ongoing global health crisis caused by the the coronavirus pandemic, Siemens is making its Additive Manufacturing (AM) Network along with its 3D printers available to the global medical community to speed design and production of medical components. Doctors, hospitals and organizations in need of medical devices as well as designers and service providers with medically certified printing capacities can now register for free access to the Siemens AM Network.

The AM Network is designed to connects users, designers and service providers to enable faster and less complicated production of spare parts for machines like ventilators. The Siemens AM network is available globally and is said to cover the entire production chain, including upload and simulation, design checks, and printing processes and associated services.

Siemens’ designers and engineers are a part of the AM Network. They can answer design requests and help convert designs into printable files. Afterwards, these components can be printed via medically certified 3D printers of partner companies that are also part of the AM Network. In addition to numerous 3D printers from partner companies, Siemens’ own 3D printing machines are also connected to the network and, if suitable, will be used to locally print components and spare parts for medical devices. 


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