Siemens PLM Changes Name to Siemens Digital Industries Software

The name change is a reflection of its new central role in the Siemens Digital Industries business. 


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At the 2019 Siemens Media & Analyst Conference in New York, Siemens PLM Software announced that it is changing its name to Siemens Digital Industries Software. The company explains that the change reflects not only its position inside the core operating company, Siemens Digital Industries, but also its evolution from product lifecycle management (PLM) software to a broad provider of industrial software and services for digitalization. 

Along with the name change, the company introduced Xcelerator, an integrated system of software, services and application development platform, which is said to combine Siemens Digital Industries’ full portfolio of software with the low-code Mendix multi-experience platform and MindSphere. Mendix is expected to enable “anyone in the ecosystem, including citizen developers and engineers, to easily build, integrate and extend their existing data and systems and to find new ways to leverage that data to deliver value to customers and partners.” 


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