Siemens to Offer Cybersecurity Solutions from Sentryo

Sentryo, a provider of cybersecurity solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, has announced a worldwide distribution agreement with Siemens AG.

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Sentryo, a provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions, has announced a worldwide distribution agreement with Siemens AG. Under this agreement Siemens will offer Sentryo ICS CyberVision, a solution for asset discovery and anomaly detection, as part of its industrial cybersecurity product and service portfolio.

Siemens selected the Sentryo solution because of its reputation protecting industrial control systems (ICS/DCS/SCADA) against cyber risks. The solution discovers all devices connected to the control network and detects intrusions and anomalies. By doing this, the solution enables industrial asset owners to maintain the continuity, resilience and safety of their industrial systems.

“Cybersecurity is a strategic matter for Siemens,” says Thomas Moser, CEO of the Siemens Industry Customer Services business unit. “By collaborating with Sentryo, we complete our portfolio of industrial security products and services with an innovative and easy-to-use solution truly designed for the control engineering world.” 

“We are really proud to welcome Siemens as a new Sentryo Partner,” says Sentryo CEO T. Rouquet. “We have invested a lot in artificial intelligence and data visualization to make asset discovery and anomaly detection usable by control engineering professionals, and this is now really paying off.”

The cybersecurity solution will be integrated within Siemens IPCs. This is intended to provide an efficient approach to maintaining the integrity of the control system and to protecting it against malicious behaviors.