Simmons Now Offering Niles-Simmons Machines in North America

Simmons Machine Tool Corporation will offer Niles-Simmons precision CNC machining centers in North America through its Niles Technical Application Center.


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A partial photo of the Niles-Simmons N30 MC

Simmons Machine Tool Corporation has established the Niles Technical Application Center (NTAC) at its manufacturing facility and headquarters in Albany, New York. The center will be the company’s platform for offering Niles-Simmons machines to North American customers. 

Simmons is now responsible for all product sales and support of Niles-Simmons machinery to non-automotive customers in North America, targeting customers in industries such as aerospace, defense, railway and machinery manufacturing. Under the common ownership of the American NSH Group (Niles-Simmons-Hegenscheidt), Niles-Simmons designs and manufactures precision CNC machining centers.

New and current customers will receive Simmons’ renowned technical support and OEM parts and service.

Simmons will be receiving the Niles-Simmons N30 MC multi-axis multi-function turning center at its facility in Q1 2021 to serve as the NTAC’s centerpiece. This machine will allow Simmons to work closely with customers and perform “applications engineering” on workpieces. The company plans to prioritize applications development that utilizes the N30 MC’s turning, milling, boring, drilling, and other machining process capabilities. There will also be opportunities for contract manufacturing for large-part machining customers with tight tolerance requirements.

“With this opportunity, Simmons can serve new industries such as aerospace, defense, renewable energy and many others that are emerging in the marketplace,” says Alexander Davis, product manager for Niles-Simmons. “Our heavy-payload automation capabilities, forged by demanding projects in the worldwide railway industry, will be valuable to other industries as they seek to automate. The Niles-Simmons product line furthers our railway capabilities by offering the RQ series of wheel manufacturing machines and the N20, N30 and N40 LT machines for manufacturing new axles and maintenance operations.”

Simmons’ sister company, the Hegenscheidt Corporation, will continue to serve the NSH Group’s automotive customers from Sterling Heights, Michigan.


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