System Insights Rebrands as Vimana

The move, which includes a new logo, tagline and website, is intended to better speak to the needs of shops looking to get deep data-driven insights to improve performance.

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System Insights (Berkeley, California), a manufacturing analytics company, is changing its corporate name to Vimana. The name change reflects the company's broader commitment to “Smart Manufacturing” solutions and better aligns with the company’s future strategy and expanding product roadmap.

“We are investing heavily in the future of our company to provide essential technology and services that elevate manufacturers’ performance,” says Richard Moran, President and CEO.

The company’s products are designed to align with data-driven manufacturing initiatives, enabling shops to understand the state of the shop floor, looking beyond OEE and traditional metrics with deep analytics that provide real-time performance insights and help to speed the problem-solving process.

Along with the name change, Vimana has undergone a complete rebranding with a new logo, tagline, and website.

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