Affordable CMM Offers Enhanced Performance

The Crysta-Apex S CMM from Mitutoyo America is designed to increase performance and economy.

The new Crysta-Apex S CMM from Mitutoyo America Corporation is designed to increase performance and economy in the 1.7-μm class of CNC CMMs. The CMM features a maximum error of MPEE = (1.7+3L/1000) μm. A high-speed (maximum of 519 mm/s) and high-acceleration (maximum of 2,309 mm/s2) drive increases throughput and productivity while lowering total owning and operating costs, the company says.
A UC-400 controller manages digital servo system control loops for position, speed and current while easing implementation of various types of control algorithms. The digital servo system is designed with a wide dynamic range and resistance to drift over time.
The Y-axis guide rail is integrated into one side of the granite surface plate. Precision air bearings located on the bottom, front, rear and upper surfaces of the X-axis slider minimize vibration and ensure stability even during high-speed, high-acceleration operation, the company says. Accuracy is further enhanced by a temperature compensation system consisting of a thermometer unit that measures the temperatures from workpiece thermal sensors as well as thermal sensors located on the scale units of the CMM main unit. The temperature data is transferred to the controller for thermal compensation. For proper workpiece compensation, the thermal-expansion coefficient of the workpiece material is entered by the user.

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