App Monitors Robots to Predict Failures, Prevent Downtime

Predictronics has launched an off-the-shelf robot health analysis and visualization application. 


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Predictronics, a technology startup, has launched an off-the-shelf robot health analysis and visualization application. Factory Sentinel for Industrial Robots is designed to be a ready-to-deploy, scalable solution that monitors industrial robots to predict costly failures and prevent downtime.

The predictive analytics solution has an intuitive interface and built-in algorithms, so that users don’t require data science experience. This enables factory personnel to visualize robot health on most electronic devices, report degrading assets and plan for corrective action before failures occur. The algorithm considers multiple robot variables to make predictions, including torque, vibration and temperature. 

Real-time alerts inform staff when robots reach critical conditions and specify the problem. This can extend robot life and supports the adoption of a more effective maintenance approach.

The product is compatible with several robot makes and models, so that factories can monitor a range of robots with a single solution.


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