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Software Suite's Redesigned Interface Eases Navigation

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The 2018 release of CAMplete Solutions’ TruePath software suite includes a range of features designed to make the program more effective.

The 2018 release of Camplete Solutions’ TruePath integrated software suite for postprocessing, simulation and verification includes a range of features designed to make the program more effective. A redesigned user interface is said to ease navigation and speed common tasks. The NC format engine with nested macro inserts has customizable post variables with descriptions and help text. Kinematic options provide control over the C-axis posting for three-axis paths, and users can select the tilt direction to minimize or maximize the XYZ locations of a 3+2-axis path. The program’s CS4 files enable users to preview content within the program itself or in Windows File Explorer.

The program editor works vertically to maximize screen space, reports command lines that contain errors and shows simulation location for easy navigation. An error analysis navigator examines programs to show simulation status and automatically navigates to error locations in the program. The geometry management view handles part, fixture and stock geometry so the 3D view remains interactive during geometry manipulation.