Carbide Milling Tool Roughs, Finishes Stainless Steel


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The FightMax milling tool series from Inovatools now offers the FightMax Inox VHM-HPC roughing and finishing milling cutter, designed for milling inox, otherwise known as stainless steel. The special geometry and chip clearance, the defined cutting edge preparation and microgeometry, and the high-performance coating all prepare the cutter for meeting the cutting requirements of stainless steel. For example, the rapid chip clearance of the tool reliably keeps stainless steel chips from bonding and sticking.

Available in short and long versions with diameters ranging from 6-20 mm, the four-edged carbide tool utilizes an unevenly split and twisted geometry with a highly polished chip space to provide quiet, vibration-free concentricity as well as quick and reliable chip removal. These features enable it to mill a variety of stainless steel grades, despite the heat buildup and toughness associated with the material. The Duocon coating, combined with the tool’s microgeometric features, ensures long service life, according to the company, even with high feed rates and cutting speeds. Depending on the cutting parameters, the tool is said to be suitable as either a roughing or finishing cutter.


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