Clamping System Automates Workholding, Speeds Change-Over

IMTS 2018: Techni-Grip Workholding is featuring its quick-change clamping system, Techni-Grip 2.0.


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Techni-Grip Workholding is featuring its quick-change clamping system, Techni-Grip 2.0. It is a hydraulically-automated redesign of a dovetail clamping system, said to reduce part change time to seconds. The system is designed for compatibility with the company’s existing products.

The system is designed to add automation to the previous version’s positive location and gripping strength with minimal clamping surface. Available options range from 2", five-axis fixtures to 24", four-sided tombstones. According to the company, the system also reduces changeover times, increases consistency in clamping setup and reduces scrap rate.


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