Cleaners, Corrosion Preventatives Increase Process Flow

Milacron has added four cleaners to its Cimclean product line, as well as four new Cimguard corrosion preventatives.

Milacron has added four cleaners to its Cimclean product line, as well as four new Cimguard corrosion preventatives. The easy-to-apply products are designed to reduce costs by increasing process flow and reducing rejected parts, delivering value with their low usage rates, gaging-friendly residues and multi-metal capability.

Cimclean industrial cleaning products focus on high-pressure spray, immersion and maintenance. Four products have been added to the line, including SP-787, a gaging-friendly pressure-spray alkaline cleaner with foam and corrosion control and good sump life; IM-604, a versatile immersion, vibratory and ultrasonic cleaner that combines sump life with corrosion control and can also be applied by spray; MC-Multi Kleen, an economical general shop maintenance cleaner that can be used in mops, buckets and wipe-downs, as well as in walk-behind floor cleaners; and MC-30, a maintenance cleaner and disinfectant for machine tool cleanouts in advance of a fresh charge of metalworking fluids.   

For corrosion preventatives, the Cimguard product line focuses on duration of protection, as well as indoor and outdoor storage. The four new products introduced are Cimguard 625, a water-based corrosion preventative for ferrous metals that provides indoor protection for as many as 30 days; Cimguard 10, which is solvent-based and provides 30 to 180 days of indoor protection for multi-metal; Cimguard 2405, a solvent-based preventative for multi-metal that provides indoor protection for 180 days to 18 months; and solvent-based Cimguard 408 for 24 months of indoor and outdoor protection of multi-metal.

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