CMM Designed for Demanding Use on Shop Floor


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The Figa shopfloor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from Coord3, a Perceptron company, is designed to perform demanding gaging operations on the production floor. Even with a minimal footprint, the machine provides a measuring volume of 600 × 560 × 500 mm. The horizontal bearing ways are completely enclosed and fully protected with no exposed cabling. High-resolution glass measuring scales provide a thermally inert measuring accuracy. Open access to the measurement space provides for ergonomic operator loading or applied automation.

The CMM can be equipped with any Renishaw touch trigger or scanning probes. An integrated probe or stylus change rack is rigidly mounted to the rear of the machine structure so it does not impede on the available measuring volume.

Using a standard pallet truck, users can relocate the Figa CMM to various inspection points on the shop floor. Anti-vibration leveling feet and a “plug-and-measure” design speed setup at the new gaging station without the need for compressed air.

TouchDMIS measuring software enables operation by shop operators, and part programs can be programmed for CAD either online or offline. 


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