Compact Vise Suits Smaller Four-, Five-Axis Mills


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Designed to be the smallest self-centering vise in its line, the 5th Axis V75100 five-axis vise offers maximum rigidity and clamping force. Delivering 4,000 lbs of clamping force at 45 foot-pounds of torque, this vise provides access to five sides of the workpiece, featuring a built-in, 45-degree dovetail and gripper teeth that bite into stock without the need for a stamping unit. Built from heat-treated steel, it is milled and precision-ground to offer centering accuracy of 0.0005". Suited to all five-axis machining operations, the vise’s compact footprint makes it ideal for smaller four- and five-axis mills.

Removable and reversible master jaws allow for an increased clamping range 0.05" to 3.50".  The jaws are simple to remove, speeding change-over between hard and soft jaws. To ease alignment, two precision-threaded shoulder bolts secure and locate the jaws. The vise also uses a threaded centering hole with two self-centering clocking holes at 30 mm on either side, which accept locating pins of various diameters. A coated lead screw promotes lubricity and wear resistance.


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