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Cutoff Saw Customizable for Quick-Cut Superalloys

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The K20SW semi-automatic wet cutoff saw from Kalamazoo Industries can be customized to rapidly cut most varieties of high-performance alloys.

The K20SW semi-automatic wet cutoff saw from Kalamazoo Industries Inc. can be customized to cut most varieties of high-performance alloys rapidly with a 20" abrasive wheel specially formulated for the specific alloy. The saw has an air-over-oil precise feed control with a 0- to 12-fpm feed rate. It features semi-automatic operation with an automatic end-of-cut head return and manual stock feed. Additional features include an air vise, cast-iron upper arm trunnions, a 27" × 30" steel saw top, a heavy steel floor stand with tray top for coolant collection, and a ⅓-hp coolant pump with 10-gallon reservoir and dual-coolant hoses. A 15-hp TEFC, 220/440-V, three-phase motor is standard, with higher-horsepower motors available as well. The company also offers oscillation systems that enable faster cutting without scorching.

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