Cutter Enables Multiple Chamfering Operations

Tungaloy has added a multifunctional chamfer cutter series to its TungQuad family.


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Tungaloy has added a multifunctional chamfer cutter series to its TungQuad family. It enables the completion of multiple chamfering operations with one cutter.

The series uses compact inserts in positive, single-sided, square shapes with a cutting edge length of 5.09 mm (0.200"). This enables the same cutter to front-chamfer holes as small as 6 mm (0.240") in diameter and back-chamfer holes as small as 13 mm (0.510") in diameter. The series’ cutters can chamfer along the edges as well.

The series uses Tungaloy’s existing SDMT05 and SDHT05 TungQuad inserts, in grades AH725, AH140, and TH10. Three types of cutter bodies are stocked in 12-, 14-, and 22-mm shank diameters. Special cutters are available, though the series is currently obtainable in metric shanks only.

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